Thursday, August 31, 2006

first day of the 38th year

Many thanks to the people who have sent their birthday wishes; I've met most of you, already know many of you, and hope one day to meet more of you. One on one, of course; we introverts don't do groups that well.

It's a gorgeous day outside, but I've been spending my birthday in the office, working on syllabi for the new semester, which begins next week. Alas. I might go do something tonight. Maybe I'll see a movie, if there's anything worthwhile playing.* Not walking up Namsan-- I did that last night, and it was a damn good walk, probably the first truly cool evening (well, 2am is technically morning) that I've experienced since summer began. The foul season appears to be loosening its death-grip; I'm hoping the trend continues.

Had my first round of Metamucil last night, and this morning my ass sang joyful arias. I hope that bottle of miracle powder never runs out.

So-- back to syllabus-making!

*Ah-- I see the French actioner "Banlieue 13" is here! I might go take in some mindless, Parkours-themed entertainment.


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