Sunday, August 13, 2006

renegade nun!

Where did Soen Joon Sunim's One Robe, One Bowl go? I wrote my favorite nun an email two days ago and haven't heard back from her. She'd recently written that her nose was to the grindstone, so I'm assuming she's busy.

But her blog is gone. Whafuck?

I'm imagining this nun living a warrior's life right now-- running, crouched and silent, through forests by the eerie blue light of the moon, Zatoichi-style sword cane in her grip. I imagine her slashing bad guys into quivering, juicy pieces, then moving on to the next village to mete out her special brand of Zen justice.

Or did she fall in love with a young Christopher Plummer and get married in a huge ceremony inside an Austrian cathedral?



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