Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Ave, Holden!

Holden Beck expresses a feeling I understand well, but which many of my Korean friends and relatives, gregarious creatures that they are, can't fathom. The quote from Thoreau is particularly relevant, and illustrates one of the reasons why I often prefer to travel alone.



Anonymous said...

Hey, Kevin,

Thanks for the link. I see the power of BigHominid. There was a dramatic spike in site visits (around 70 as opposed to the normal 10).

Native Koreans wouldn’t understand. If they did, I probably wouldn’t have had to sit through Seol traffic with the rest of them. “You’re coming down for the holiday, right?” “Stay another day. We have to make more money off of you in go-stop.” “You have nothing to do in Seoul anyway, right?” I love them to death, but even the ones I love I can only handle in short bursts.

It’s late but Happy Lunar New Year.


Kevin Kim said...

My traffic is pretty lame, but hey, if the linking helped cause a small spike, then coolness.

When I was in Seoul, I was lucky because our "keun-jip" was in Chang-dong (Line 1). No traffic to worry about.

I still think you're crazy to have bought a car in that country, but I understand the urge to be in charge of one's own destin routier.