Tuesday, February 22, 2011

earthquake in En-Zed

A large earthquake just hit Christchurch, New Zealand. My good friend John Williamson, who lives in Dunedin, reports that his neighborhood felt only "a tiny roll at lunchtime" (Tuesday afternoon, February 22, New Zealand time), but he didn't immediately realize that other areas had been more severely affected. I'm glad my friend was safely away from the worst of the quake, and I hope that, whatever the property damage, injury and loss of life are minimal. More news here. Check Google News or your favorite news feed for updates.

UPDATE: A death toll of 65 and counting. The quake was magnitude 6.3, with aftershocks still happening. Good God.


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  1. Some of the most beautiful or awe inspiring places on our planet are also in places where the earth's surface is the most unstable which is sad. Am sure living in such a beautiful place makes it worth it but New Zealand and Australia have been so hammered by the last few years by fire, floods and earthquake­s, praying for their families and love one’s who are victims of calamities.



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