Sunday, February 13, 2011

reacting to Asma

Justin Yoshida, in his "Spicy Maple Links of Destruction," recently linked to an interesting article by Dr. Stephen Asma (I think Sperwer first pointed me to Asma's writing) about the often-misguided nature of the New Atheism's attack on religion. I'd like to write a reaction to Asma's article, which says much that I both agree and disagree with. But not tonight: I just don't have the energy. Stay tuned, though; an essay is forming in me noggin. Meanwhile, please read Asma's piece, and feel free to leave comments here. (For the record: Asma is a practicing Buddhist who has spent a great deal of time in Southeast Asia.)

UPDATE: While you're at Justin's blog, be sure to check out that other link to "Alternate Universe Movie Posters." Those are hilarious. Not to mention way cool. The Clint-Eastwood-as-Wolverine poster caught my eye: "X-Men" was my first-ever encounter with the actor Hugh Jackman, and in that movie, Jackman reminded me of nothing so much as a young Clint Eastwood, right down to the squint. So this alternate-universe poster makes a bizarre kind of sense, at least to me.


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