Saturday, February 26, 2011 gone

A few applications of the disinfectant goop, two applications of a warm compress per my buddy Mike's suggestion, and boom: I woke up this morning with a nearly pristine eyelid. Good. Yesterday's problem would have been a distracting nightmare to everyone I met, because that damn lump was actually close enough to my eyeball to touch it. At one point, I seriously considered popping it like a zit; I have plenty of sharp objects in the apartment to help with that endeavor. But this turned out to be unnecessary: the zit popped itself later in the day, and all I had to do was dutifully wipe away the pus and other fluids periodically throughout the evening.

The zitoid was barely two millimeters across, so I hope you're not imagining some witch-sized wart hanging off my eye. Still, trust me: back when it was a nasty-looking whitehead, it was easily visible and would have distracted you.


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