Thursday, February 24, 2011

just to give my buddy nightmares

Way back in 1994, my buddy Tom and I worked for this idiot at his language school in downtown Chongno. What do you think, Tom? Am I close?

The guy was my first-ever Korean boss. I ended up suing him when he stiffed me on my last month's pay plus my severance. Tom sued him, too. We both won our respective suits.

When I saw that picture of Gaddafi on the news, I thought-- "Damn! He's almost the spitting image of our former boss." Hopefully, that boss is dead and buried by now; the problem is that evil people have a tendency to linger on this earth.

May neither of these men linger much longer.



Charles said...

Holy crap that is creepy.

And I usually don't wish death on people, but I'm with you here. This man needs to die (along with the Kim clan up north).

Kevin Kim said...

"He needed killin'" is a phrase I've heard among the rural folk.

Sperwer said...

Sadly, some people do need killing!

Stafford said...

Exhausted Lionel Richie impersonator Gaddafi actually looks like a conglomerate of a few former Korean bosses I have had.
I have discovered through the Korean news that Korea actually has a number of proverbial fingers in a number of proverbial pies in Libya and a number of Koreans are (were) being shipped out of Libya (Tripoli) poste haste.
Not to mention I'm sure a number of those wacky outfits he wears these days look like Hanboks.
What happened to the good old days when despots wore military uniforms with enough medals to sink a battleship strapped to their breasts?

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