Saturday, October 29, 2011

how my pre-August scores scale

Thanks to a tip from the Manhattan Prep Twitter feed, I've learned that ETS has converted "old" GRE scores into the new scale. As you'll recall, the old scale went like this:

Verbal and Quantitative: 200-800
Analytical Writing: 0-6

The new system, in place since the beginning of this past August, goes like this:

Verbal and Quant: 130-170
Analytical Writing: 0-6

As I reported some months ago, my July 1 scores were 710, 710, and 5.5-- the 710 Verbal put me in the 98th percentile; my 710 Quant put me in the 72nd percentile, and my 5.5 in Analytical Writing put me in the 94th percentile. I'm hoping to have done better in all categories on my August test, but I won't know those scores until sometime next month (approximately November 8). In the meantime, the above scores have now been converted to the new scale, and they look like this:

Verbal: 167 (out of 170)
Quant: 155 (out of 170)
AnWrit: 5.5 (out of 6, as before)

My old scores are still visible at my online account.


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