Thursday, October 27, 2011

when boredom strikes

First example of what happens in the Devil's workshop:

(Thanks, Jason!)

Second example:

The above blurry phone cam photo is heavily cropped so as to minimize the aesthetically disastrous component: the pea-green vegetable puree that sat under the chicken and potatoes. While the puree tasted fine, it made for bad plating, looking almost like the aftereffects of a visit from Linda Blair. So I've cropped out as much of the green stuff as I could (the plate was otherwise charming), but I didn't entirely succeed. Still, the meal as a whole tasted great: the mashed potatoes were graced with butter, heavy cream, salt and pepper, and a bit of powdered onion and garlic; the chicken breasts had been baked to perfection (it's amazing what happens when you bake chicken straight from its frozen state-- no need for brining!), and the gravy was-- if this expression is still used-- da bomb.

Such are the things I do when I've got a bit of free time.


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Jason said...

I could probably publish a series of posts on the same subject, but most of mine would be things that I decided to do to keep from doing real work. I have an unfinished handmade cat scratching post, an unfinished hat rack, a complete itinerary for a Europe trip that I have the time (or money) to take, a complete list of gear that I need if I want to get back into hiking. When boredom really strikes, I usually make lists related to travel or hobbies. I haven't made a list of my lists yet, but that might not be a bad idea.