Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the other swing: my schedule

There's a chance that I may end up back with my original Monday-through-Thursday schedule at YB; I had a brief discussion, this past Saturday, with my supervisor about this very subject. A return to the norm may or may not be a good thing: with my Tuesdays threatening to become a string of four-hour days (as has happened twice in a row), it may be better for me to keep the Saturdays, which have the potential to be as long as eight hours. Weekday work is never longer than six hours, so losing Saturday and regaining Monday might actually mean less work overall, assuming nothing but full days. However, the two previous Saturdays were both only six hours in length, and there's a good chance that Mondays will be full, six-hour days. If so, then switching back to Mondays won't affect my weekly hours at all, and might prevent me from being shut out completely: before summer vacation, my center often needs only two teachers on Saturdays, not three.

What to do? It's a gamble. I told my supervisor that there's no hurry in switching me back to Mondays; in fact, some kids might be irritated by the change, since I had only recently begun working on Saturdays.

We'll see.


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