Sunday, November 06, 2011


One of my kids this morning (you'll recall that I work on Saturdays from 9AM to 5PM) came in with a nose full of snot. He sniffled and snorfled his way through the two-hour session, and left me wondering whether I was going to catch his cold. As it turns out, I haven't caught it-- a fact that I attribute to the insane amount of Vitamin C that I take daily: 2000mg. I'm a firm believer that this has kept me largely cold-free while I've been working, whereas colleagues of mine have already started succumbing to the leading edge of cold season.

Take your Vitamin C.



Maven said...

Also frequent hand washing helps, too!

Kevin Kim said...

I agree: it's the gospel we preached when I worked for a company that dealt with infection control.

Waschen Sie Ihre Hände!

Sperwer said...

I take 5k mg/day

Kevin Kim said...

Germs just bounce off you, man.

Aaron said...

What's your feeling on flu shots? I've gotten them every year since about 2005 and while this is hardly a rigorous test I do get fewer colds/flus and when I am sick, the duration and severity are much less than in the past.

Kevin Kim said...

I think they're fine, although I've never had one. In terms of expense, I imagine that a one-time flu shot is less expensive than my vitamin habit. (Assuming the two options represent mutually exclusive choices, which they obviously don't.)

Shit-- what I should've said is FLU SHOTS CAUSE AUTISM!!