Friday, November 11, 2011


My sore throat has pretty much disappeared, but now I'm dealing with a nose that's been alternately runny and stuffy all day.

And what does that mean, Poison Girls?

You guessed it!

It's time to break out-- THE NETI POT!!!

Since nasal irrigation is the closest thing to sex that I get these days, I plan to make this experience as fulfilling as possible. I'll be dimming the lights, putting on some Barry White, slipping into a silk bathrobe, sprinkling rose petals all over my bathroom sink, hanging posters of Yi Chae-yeong and Oh In-hye off my shower curtain bar (thanks, Charles), hooking my nipples up to a car battery, and getting myself mentally ready to be nasally penetrated.

Nothing says sexy quite like a ceramic tube in one's nostril.


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