Thursday, November 17, 2011




  1. whoa. tell me more about this photo. is it old? or is it current? is this marty feldman or just a guy who looks like him?

  2. That's me Photoshopping a younger Marty Feldman onto a day-old picture of Zucotti Park that I just copied off Drudge. It also marks the next step in the evolution of my Photoshopping skills, because I finally figured out (at least for black-and-white pics) how to make a layer of frizzy hair transparent enough to let the bottom layer through. I really need to take a graphic design class so I don't have to keep discovering these techniques on my own.

  3. That's a good photoshop, although you can still see a bit of a halo around his clothes. It's most evident for me on his right shoulder, where that other guy's left ear is.

    Still, really good job with the hair!

  4. Yeah, I see the halo, too. That's what I get for being hasty. Not sure where else such a halo might be visible... his left forearm seems to have one, but that's actually a sliver of the girl's face from the background image. The left shoulder might seem to have a halo, but I think that's a lighting effect from the original Feldman photo. Would have to check again.

    Oh, yeah-- Feldman's right middle finger. That's not a halo; it's actually in the original photo, but I have no idea what it is. At first I thought it was a ring, and then I wondered whether it was something behind Feldman, but now I have no clue what it might be. It's a bit creepy, because it creates the illusion that Feldman's middle finger springs out of his right hand at a weird angle.

  5. I've tried to clean up the halo on Feldman's right shoulder. The male protestor's ear ought to look normal now. If the change isn't immediately visible on your browser, you may have to empty the cache to see the latest image.

  6. That looks a lot better. That was the only thing that immediately stood out to me.



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