Friday, November 11, 2011

soah trote

This past Tuesday, the Day of the On-site Shit, I admit I wasn't feeling too hot. My bowels were just starting to become watery, which is probably why I was able to poop a third time even after having pooped twice before going to work. I'm beginning to suspect that I've actually been sick since last Saturday, when one of my elementary-school students had come into the center with a head full of rank snot and what sounded like a light cough. This kid blew germs across the desk for two hours, and I'd wager I got colonized. The effects of this assault had been blunted, but not totally deterred, by my vitamin C consumption, but now I'm thinking I should have been pounding those tablets down at a higher rate (see Sperwer's comment in that other post). Vitamin C is less effective as a cure; it works best as a prophylactic (i.e., preventative) measure.

Yesterday, I woke up to a painfully sore throat. I did my usual old-school thing and gargled with salt water, but matters only seemed to worsen. Right before I got to the YB Near center, I hit a gas station and bought a one-dollar pack of Halls cough drops to at least alleviate the pain: swallowing was becoming difficult. I used up the whole pack during my six hours at the center, then went home and gargled again. Today feels like more of the same.

No other symptoms to report-- no fever or headache or runny nose. It's just a nasty-sore throat. May it depart soon, and leave me my regular throat.


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