Saturday, November 12, 2011

a true vet

A true veteran is worthy of the uniform. He doesn't lie, he doesn't betray, he doesn't shrink from conflict, confrontation, or the demands of duty. He doesn't say to himself that "no one needs to know" or that "this is someone else's problem" or that "they're not ready to learn the truth." No true veteran is a coward, either on the battlefield or at home. Whether facing the enemy or facing a domestic crisis, the true veteran's backbone is straight, his eyes are fixed on his objective, and his actions-- never hesitant half-measures-- are an exact reflection of his thoughts. No true veteran lacks integrity. There is nothing shifty or secretive in his manner. What you see is what you get.

If a man wears a uniform and falls short of these basic moral standards, it's better that he leave the service and either burn his uniform or give it to someone worthier.

I offer my thanks to the true veterans out there-- men and women who exemplify bravery and integrity every moment of their lives.



hahnak said...

a great big hug your way, kevin. im so sorry.

John McCrarey said...

Kevin, as a long time reader I get your meaning. But I don't know many folks, veteran or not, who meet a standard that to me represents something close to heroism.

Of course, there are consequences for failure and I suppose some wounds never heal.

Anyway, another thought provoking post for which I thank you.

Kevin Kim said...


Thanks and hugs back atcha.


Thanks for the comment.

I take the un-cynical view that such vets do exist, and in droves, but unfortunately, there are also people in the uniformed services who really don't belong there. My post was about one person in particular.