Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a study in contrasts

Aaron "I Don't Trust a Theist Candidate" McKenzie versus JS "Atheists Are Cheats and Liars" Allen.

I love-- and am very proud of-- my variegated blogroll.



Aaron said...

Ooooh! You reached deep into my archives for this one, sir.

Odd that, despite my writings in the linked piece, I don't actually distrust theist candidates simply because they believe in a supernatural buddy, mostly because I believe that most people, politicians included, act like atheists most of the time even if they profess religiosity.

And actually, I distrust all candidates simply because, well, they're involved in politics. Anyone who believes himself (or herself) capable of ordering the affairs of others should be eyed with suspicion.

As always, thanks for the link.

Kevin Kim said...

I think the link to that post popped up on your page as a "related link" while I was looking at a more recent post of yours.

JSA said...

Wow, great juxtaposition. Aaron and I seem to agree that the candidates are all hypocrites, which is a good start :-)

My only difference is that I don't want a candidate who really believes everything he says.

To me, it's kind of like the people who crusade to make polyamory socially acceptable. WTF? People have been practicing polyamory for a million years. You're not supposed to acknowledge it! We didn't evolve to be honest about it, and anyone who insists on honesty just perpetuates misery for everyone.