Wednesday, February 15, 2012

100 Below: Volume 41

Wendell embraced Corinne from behind, his tear-streaked face hovering close to her neck. She responded to the warmth of his breath with a sigh of her own, feeling passion and anticipation rise as one in her breast.

Then Wendell broke the spell. Parting Corinne's hair, he began licking her nape with startling ferocity. To Corinne, the disgusting action of Wendell's enormous tongue felt like the assault of a mutant gastropod: licklicklicklicklicklicklicklick.

"Stop that!" she commanded, but Wendell had lost all self-restraint.

"Why?" he sobbed. "Why are you so tasty?"


"Damn you!" Wendell wailed, unable to stop licking. "Damn you!"


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David Wester said...

I get the same urge when I am at line at Victoria's Secret...