Monday, February 27, 2012

final stretch

My proofreading job is due on Monday morning at 10AM, Seoul time, which means it's due at 8PM tonight, Virginia time. Blogging today will be sparse, if it occurs at all. Chew on these links until I return:

I mentioned on Twitter a while back that 2012 seems to have heralded the advent of the cult of Artemis: several movies this year feature women bowhunters. Here's the trailer for Pixar's newest effort, "Brave." (Another such movie would be "The Hunger Games.")

Malcolm recently posted a link to a video that takes "The Matrix" and matches many of its scenes, shot for shot, with scenes from Hong Kong action flicks. My comment to Malcolm:

Thank you for that link to the Matrix video. Even after all these years, people keep on finding hidden and not-so-hidden references; it’s amazing. Personally, I think the Wachowski Brothers have nothing to apologize for; they had deliberately set out to make a multidimensional pastiche, and they succeeded brilliantly with the first two movies in the trilogy. The trilogy as a whole fails as serious science fiction (humans as batteries? really?), but works as an example of the power of modern mythmaking.

My buddy Mike embeds a video of George RR Martin, author of the much-heralded Songs of Ice and Fire books, reading his own twisted versions of children's nursery rhymes.

Just seen today: when public spanking goes horribly wrong.

If you haven't heard the sobering (albeit unsurprising) news about those supposedly faster-than-light neutrinos, read here.

More blogging sometime after 8PM today, local time.



John from Daejeon said...

Don't know if you've seen this 12-year, 6-time cross-country walk by a 65 year-old man.

Charles said...

So I guess you're done with the job now? Hope it went well.

Kevin Kim said...


That's awesome.


Done! About 30 minutes past the deadline, but the company was OK with that.