Monday, February 06, 2012

no Super Bowl for Kevin

I will not be watching the Super Bowl. First, I don't have a TV, and watching live-stream TV on my Mac is a pain in the ass because of my slow connection (thank you, Comcast). Second, I'm coming up on a proofreading deadline: I've got a 120-page manuscript (English conversation textbook) due by Monday evening, Virginia time, i.e., Tuesday morning, Seoul time.

I'll check the Net for scores every now and then, but that's going to be the limit of my participation in this blessedly Tebow-free event. For the record: I hope the Giants gnaw on the Patriots' guts and eat the brains of the Patriots' fans.


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Unknown said...

Saw this:
and thought of you. Maybe there could be something there, though they may want someone in Korea.