Sunday, February 12, 2012

Italy meets Germany

One of the most popular food-stall items in Germany is Currywurst-- usually something like a Knackwurst done up in a tomato-y curry sauce, served up with fries and sprinkled with seasoned curry powder. This must have come into popularity after my time in Switzerland (1989-90), because when I was traveling in Germany between semesters, one of the most popular items at the time was Leberkäs (literally, liver-cheese, but there's no cheese in it, and I'm not sure there's actually any liver involved), which was essentially a big hunk of soft, bologna-like meat: Germany's fuck-you to the sanctimonious, tofu-eating crowd.

A proper Currywurst uses a sausage that isn't too strong in flavor since it's all about the sauce. All I had with me was spicy Italian sausage, but since I'm getting sick of eating spaghetti, I decided to try and make some Currywurst. I'm hoping to try this again with a brace of brats from either Costco or Wegmans, but for now, here are the results of my own attempt at Currywurst:

All in all, the taste wasn't bad, but I couldn't help feeling that the sausage's inherent spiciness got in the way of the proper experience.

I've seen some Currywurst recipes that recommend using Kielbasa, but I'd rather stick with something German.


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