Friday, February 10, 2012

Ave, Steve!

[NB: See update below.]

My buddy Steve Honeywell sends some love:

See his writeup here. I'm supposed to pass the love along to five blogs with under 200 followers. List to follow later tonight. Gotta get ready for work.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the meme requires me to pass along the Liebster love to those blogs with under 200 followers, and I have no way to determine that number unless I'm looking at a Blogspot blog with the "Followers" widget enabled. That automatically excludes most of the blogs I frequent. (Sorry, folks.) My Blogspot Five, then:

1. En-Uk's Art Blog features quirky art with terse captions. En-Uk's father, Jeff Hodges, now has the unenviable task of telling En-Uk about this cyber-honor... but En-Uk, being twelve, can't know that I'm the one who linked to him. Wouldn't want to poison the child's mind.

2. Postcards of the Hanging, the blog of one Skippy Stalin. Last I checked, Skippy had under 200 followers. God knows why. In a just world, he'd have 2000. Just as I have been known to mix the scatological with the saintly, Skippy regularly blogs about the Three Ps of his existence: Porn, Politics, and Pud-pounding. You're never quite sure, from day to day, whether you'll be greeted by the sight of a politician's gut and double chin or by a porn star's angry nipple poking out of a tee shirt.

...and you know what? That's it. We're done. I can't find even five Blogspot denizens who fit the Liebster requirement. Most of the Blogger-based writers on my roster are using old Blogger templates, and they haven't even tried to activate the "Followers" widget yet (and probably never will, the crotchety old farts). A couple younger bloggers do have the widget on their blogs, but they've already got over 200 followers.

So there we go. Two blogs-- that's the best I can do. And one of those two bloggers can never know that his benefactor was yours truly.


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Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Fortunately, En-Uk doesn't read any blogs, so I don't have to motivate him to pass along any love.

I wonder if we could start a Hassster chainmail sequence, demanding that people send hate to undeserving blog of more than 200 followers . . .

Jeffery Hodges

* * *