Thursday, February 02, 2012

budgetary paradigm shift

It seems that my three proofreading gigs this month are being redistributed: one gig in February and two in March. That sucks, but I'm working on catching another proofing opportunity or two with the same company-- hopefully something equally as lucrative. We'll see. I'm beginning to realize that the publishing world has a lot in common with the art world: because the smooth action of the entire machine depends on the reliability of its parts, things can go wrong, schedule-wise, when some of the parts aren't running at full efficiency (hence the delay in two of the three manuscripts I was supposed to have been proofing this month). My contact at the company isn't at fault for this; she has no control over the speed at which a given manuscript is prepped for proofing. We're both somewhat frustrated, I think.

But all is not lost. I'm hoping the new, extra gigs will come through soon. Soon.


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