Monday, March 19, 2012

another thing happening next month

Next month, assuming it's as lucrative as hoped for, I'll be dropping my land line. I've thought long and hard about this, and have decided that, if the only reason I'm keeping the land line is for faxing purposes, then that's not a reason at all. Some commenters had written in last year to say that online faxing is perfectly feasible; I resisted at first, but now think that that's the way to go. Cutting out the phone line will mean a savings of $60 per month-- a ridiculous amount to be paying for a land line. (Not many choices out here in the boonies.) But I can't cut the line right now: I'll probably have to pay some sort of penalty, along with whatever remaining charges there are on my bill. I have to wait until I've got money in the bank.

Am looking forward to being rid of this phone-y burden; the liberated cash will significantly increase my gas budget (gas costs me about $50 per week for my tiny car). I might even be able to drive to places other than the workplace for a change! Living life on a tight budget is a bit like living under house arrest.


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Charles said...

We haven't had a land line since coming to HUFS. It can be rather annoying when people insist that you provide both a cell number *and* a home phone, but that's about the only inconvenience.