Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ave, Skippy!

I've been predicting, for a long time now, that Obama is going to have his second term. Reality-deniers may disagree, but the signs are all there. Here's Skippy's take:

The Republican party has apparently forgotten the central lesson of Tropic Thunder: You never go full retard. The evidence of this is everywhere you look, but [it] stands out the strongest in the Grand Old Party's field of presidential candidates.

Only the Republicans could see a discredited hack from twenty years ago and say, "Newt Gingrich? Why not?" For all of the folks on the right that have devoted their lives to defending her, I have yet to see one of them say that Michele Bachmann doesn't actually look crazy. In an election year that should be dominated by the economy, Rick Santorum can't stop lovingly describing his jihad against rubbers, pornography and, yes, even amniocentesis.

It's almost as if the GOP is deliberately throwing this election.

I encourage you to read the rest, because Skippy lets loose his inner Tarantino later on. As for Mr. Cain... you know, I liked that guy a lot at first, but if he's gone "full retard," per Skippy's (and Robert Downey Jr.'s) analysis, then all I can do is pity the fool.



John said...

Hey Kev, Did you make it along to the Reason Rally? I heard it was i your neck of the woods.

Kevin Kim said...

Didn't even know what it was, or that it was happening. I'm about 90 minutes out of DC, and I don't have the money for extra trips anywhere, so even if I had known, I doubt I'd have attended. I'm not the rallying/demonstrating type, anyway.

John said...

On the other hand, the Democrats will be stuck with Obama...