Monday, March 26, 2012


Today-- at least so far-- isn't a day when I feel like saying anything worthwhile, so I'll let others do the talking for me.

From my blogroll:

Joshua's "Anju" links are up. The Casey Lartigue link is a good one. Joshua also wrote a post saying "I told you so" re: South Korea's push to sell North Korean products from the problematic Kaesong industrial complex to America and Europe.

Japan and Nietzsche commentary from Nathan.

Jeff on homesickness, or the lack thereof.

Lee, at A Thinking Reed, has been posting his thoughts on vegetarianism. His latest is here.

Jasmine makes margarita cookies. You should also check out her creamy chicken lasagna. (NB: posts are in French)

Holden Beck talks about mastery in 10,000 hours.

From the Marmot's Hole: why I won't be buying a smart TV.

From the Web:

Teacher fired for not noticing third-graders having oral sex. Whoops.

The brother of Mohamed Merah (the self-proclaimed jihadi who killed seven people in Toulouse and Montauban, France, and who died after a 32-hour standoff with authorities) has been jailed and is being questioned. (in French)

Far-rightist Marine Le Pen wants to bring radical Islamism "to its knees." (in French)

Hugo Chavez still thinks he can cheat death.



John from Daejeon said...

If you have 9 minutes, you might want to watch this great video of the world's smallest production car of the past...err...future.

The price is a bit steep, but you gotta love a car that can be carried in to work with you and gets 100 miles per gallon.

John from Daejeon said...

If you aren't watching "Mad Men" yet, here's a French reason to. And Jessica's not hard on the eyes either.

Nathan B. said...

Thanks, Kevin, for the link. By the way, I remember that I owe you an email; one will be coming--eventually.