Friday, March 16, 2012

much quieter

A YB student, whose "last" day had supposedly been last September, has returned. His math grade has plummeted, according to his parents. I saw this kid sitting in our lobby before class yesterday, and marveled at how he had changed in the intervening months. He's noticeably taller now, and has lost all of his pudginess. In addition, he seems to have shed all the annoying goofiness he used to possess: this is the same kid about whom I'd blogged last year-- the one who kept falling out of his damn chair. It's almost as if the goofiness had been beaten out of him: he's much quieter now, and he doesn't fidget in his seat the way he used to.

It's hard to know whether these changes are positive, but I'm thankful that this student now approaches his math tasks with more seriousness.


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