Saturday, March 10, 2012

a gut full of worms

I bought a ton of Barilla pasta from Costco a couple weeks ago, and still haven't reached the halfway point on it. Last night, however, I came home from work around 10:30PM, and by 11PM I was chowing down on a huge pile of spaghetti topped off with the remainder of my seafood sauce. It was a damn good meal, but it was also too much: this morning my ass started howling mournfully, and it's been baying like Dracula's wolves for the better part of today. It would have been nice for all the pasta to leap out in a single session, but that was not to be. Today, I've eaten little more than a bowl of peas. I hope I won't have to take a megadump tomorrow, as I work 9 to 5. Keep your fingers crossed.


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