Saturday, March 24, 2012

with money comes freedom

No two ways about it: unless you plan on living a risky existence off the grid, you need money to get around. As of yesterday, I can get around. Two of my three income sources have paid me this month, and I'm waiting on the third source: the Seoul-based publishing company (we'll call it "Maison Boussole," or "MB" for short), which experienced a one-day delay in sending out payments. That's damn inconvenient, but not extremely inconvenient. If the payment isn't in my bank account tomorrow, I'm sure it'll be there on Monday.

Thanks to this infusion, I've just paid off my pressing bills, and have renewed my Costco membership for another year of Executive Gold-level madness. Now it's time to go out, drive to the local Costco, purchase another six months' worth of contact lenses plus other sundries, then tool over to Skyline Drive to renew my one-year pass (it expired last November). As for food: I really enjoyed what I did a couple months ago when I purchased a bunch of groceries at the local Korean store and made myself enough Korean stew to last me three weeks. I'll probably do that again this week, but since I've got some extra dough, I might include some other food purchases as well.

UPDATE: The $430 arrived just a few minutes ago. We're set, baby!

At least for the next week or so.


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