Friday, August 31, 2012

circle of life

I turn 43 tomorrow, August 31st. Because my supervisor has access to our employment records, she very thoughtfully celebrates our birthdays by buying a cake and having the teachers and students sing for the lucky birthday boy or girl. I was the recipient of a very nice, very silky-textured tiramisu cake:

So it seems I've survived forty-three trips around the sun. Feels like a miracle sometimes. Great cosmic forces hold that fiery solar beast at bay, ninety-three million miles distant, preserving me and my blubber so that I don't flare up like a giant slab of bacon.

My students wanted to know how I plan to celebrate my birthday. Very quietly, I imagine, although my buddy Dr. Steve will be making the long drive from Pennsylvania to hang with me this coming Sunday. I may or may not get together with a brother or two before the weekend is out, but I'm unsure on that point. My brother Sean is auditioning for that position at the Kennedy Center this week... if he's gotten in, he may have his own reasons for celebrating, and if he hasn't, then he may not feel like celebrating. My brother David works Friday and Saturday nights and is usually dead tired on Sundays... not sure whether I'll get to see him, either.

I get paid a rather hefty sum on September 7; with some funds available to me on that date, I might go out and do something naughty then.



Bratfink said...

Oh happy birthday, Kevin!

I was a teenager when you were born. Don't *I* feel old.


Just have a SUPER day, no matter how you choose to celebrate it.


Charles said...

Congratulations on another trip around the sun.

hahnak said...

happy birthday, kevin! hope that you enjoy your day! heres to a healthy 43rd year... (i have failed he captcha challenge three times. doesnt it prevent me from posting after a certain number of fails? these are HARD to deciper! here we go for the fourth challenge. doh. i just figured out why. theres also a number image that i actually failed to see four times. heres to a lucky fifth round... ok. just failed the fifth. heres the sixth...)

hahnak said...

huh. did i pass that 6th challenge?

John said...

Happy Birthday my friend! I hope we get a chance to catch up again one day!

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks for the kind wishes, B, Charles, Hahna, and John!

John, I do hope that, one day, I'll make it down to Enn Zed to meet you and your wonderful family. And on that day, we shall all grab a sheep and bungee jump together!