Monday, August 27, 2012

yesterday's pig

Behold what the Apple House of Linden, Virginia hath bestowed upon me:

My buddy Dr. Steve showed me the way. We were at the Apple House once, a year or so ago, when Steve ordered this sandwich while I ordered my massive, one-pound burger. I loved my burger, but I regretted not having ordered the pulled-pork sandwich myself: the damn thing smelled so good. The Apple House has its own smoker, so the pork is prepped in-house, and it's magnificent. Not too dry, not too thickly sauced, and with plenty of bark from the smoking process to give the meat a robust and varied texture. Awesomeness in a bun.

Wish you were here.


1 comment:

Charles said...

So that's what we missed? Looks tasty (and, like you said, not too thickly sauced, which can be hard to find). A pulled-pork sandwich done well is a thing of beauty.