Saturday, August 11, 2012

grillin' and chillin'

Below are some shots from Wednesday evening's grillfest. In the first picture, I've tried to get a shot of a tragedy: a burger that fell apart during an attempted flip. David wondered whether the bread crumbs he'd added to the ground beef mix might have been to blame. I'm not sure; I suspect that the burger simply needed another minute or two before it was firm enough for flippage.

David and his lovely Brazilian wife Patricia got married in a small wedding this past March. They plan to have a bigger ceremony-- the "real" wedding-- sometime next year, finances and travel visas permitting. Along with being beautiful, Patricia is smart, perceptive, and funny. She's a perfect match for my kind-hearted brother.

Flies were an issue during the cookout, so David placed his cooked meat in a large pot and covered it with a plate. Here's the meat:

And here's that meat being placed on a serving dish:

Finally, here's my first-round plate (I got potato salad during Round 2):

It was a nice way to spend a couple hours with family. David said that he wished Sean could have made it, but Sean's away in Pennsylvania, teaching at his music camp (which is why I'm house-sitting). Sean will be auditioning, later this month, for a position with the Kennedy Center Opera House. I hope he makes it. It would be a dream job for him: $73,000/year starting salary, summers off-- the works.



Elisson said...

Bread crumbs in a burger? Sacrilege! Bread crumbs belong in the lowly meatloaf... not in a Chopped Meat-Disc intended for the grill.

Be thankful that the Man Upstairs was in a good mood, thus limiting the effects of His Divine Wrath to one fractured burger.

Charles said...

I see that Elisson beat me to the punch. That's what I get for being away for the weekend.

Kevin Kim said...

Bobby Flay, that grillmaster, has also made the "meatloaf" remark. He's a purist. Other chefs, however, note that adding a bit of bread can help retain moisture in the burger. I'm easy; I swing either way. My brother Sean pointed out yesterday that a fattier ratio (say, 73/27) makes for juicier grilling without the addition of bread.