Thursday, December 05, 2013

a lot fewer "A"s

I've graded all my listening tests, and the results vary from glorious to grim. Some students did very well; others fell down horribly. Without naming names, I'd say the worst grade was below 50%, which is going to wreak havoc on that student's final average: the listening test is worth a full 20% of every student's grade. The best grade, meanwhile, was a 95%, earned by one of my beginners.

For the most part, though, the listening test exerted an overall downward gravitational pull. Before the test, I had classes with as many as four "A" students; now, no class has more than two. If students do well on the final exam, this picture may change (and the final is worth 25% of the final grade), but because I'm going to be somewhat stricter in assessing the final, the picture might not change all that much.


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