Thursday, December 26, 2013

so how did I fare on my evaluations?

I was told that the student evaluations of the teachers would be out by the 26th, and I received an email this morning confirming that. Very late in the day, I lumber-waddled over to campus to log in to the university website and access those evals. I can't do this from home yet, because I haven't bothered to acquire the "electronic certificate" that, once uploaded to my desktop and laptop, would allow me to log in to the DCU website as a professor to access sensitive data. Given the frog-in-a-well nature of Korean cyberspace, I can use only Internet Explorer to log in to the DCU website. (Many, if not most, Korean websites are either accessible only through IE, or function best only through IE. Korea may be the most-wired nation on earth, but it's also got one of the most antiquated, hard-to-use, hacker-vulnerable Web protocols out there. Chrome? Firefox? What're those?)

Once I got to my office, I saw that The Big Move had already begun, and all the computers had been unplugged and disassembled, with most of our work stations' components boxed up (mice, keyboards, desk phones). The CPUs and monitors still sat on our desks, but they were effectively useless. In an enterprising mood, I reopened some of the boxes and tried to put my computer back together, so impatient was I to see my student evals. Alas, no dice: I put the entire computer together—monitor, mouse, keyboard, CPU—and discovered that the LAN had been shut down. Defeated, I packed everything back up. I'll just have to return to the office tomorrow to get the e-certificate and access the data from either my laptop (if I remember to take it to campus with me) or my desktop.

At least I got my daily 30-minute walk in.

Later this evening, I'm heading out to re-watch "The Desolation of Smaug." Charles emailed me a possible explanation for the gold-statue confusion (see my review); I need to see whether it all makes more sense on a second viewing.


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