Sunday, December 08, 2013

breakfast for dinner

My friend Seungmin gave me a wonderful gift: a bottle of Bisquick pancake mix. I admit I was a bit churlish when she first presented the gift to me: I saw that the Bisquick powder occupied only about a third of the bottle's interior volume, which seemed rather stingy. Seungmin patiently explained that the bottle was designed that way on purpose: the idea is to add water to the fill line, leaving about a third of the bottle empty so that you can shake the powder and water until it turns into proper pancake batter. Ah! Revolutionary! I thought.

So yesterday, I elected to make myself a pancake, eggs, and sausage breakfast for dinner. Below are three pictures. The first shows the Bisquick mix; the second shows the resultant pancakes, which came out perfectly; the third shows the rest of the crew—the sausage and eggs. As you can see, that was an enormous amount of food, and there was no way I could finish it all in one sitting. In the end, I polished off about half, then froze the rest and ate it for a late Sunday lunch today.

Enjoy the images.



  1. I LOVE breakfast for dinner.

    What kind of sausages are those small roundish ones? They look.... strange to me.

  2. You had to go to the ROK to discover Bisquick-in-a-bottle? Good Gawd, son!

    Bet that'd be tasty with some soondae.

  3. Ruth,

    Not sure what the small, round sausages are called, but they're tasty when cooked.



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