Tuesday, December 03, 2013

was nächste?

I've got three makeup sessions to go: two tomorrow and one Thursday afternoon. In all my classes, we've done everything—we've finalized homework assignments, finished projects, and reviewed extensively for both the listening exam and the final exam. The past two makeup days were devoted to games that helped the students practice their English. What's left to do? The only thing I can think of is to discuss the students' grades, person by person, which I plan to do both tomorrow and Thursday.

Also tomorrow and Thursday, my kids take the listening exam along with the students of all the other English profs. I'll be proctoring, as will my colleagues. Next week, it's nothing but final exams, and after that, it's all about entering and finalizing semester grades, dealing with students who are begging for grade changes (one of the most unsavory aspects of this job, and something I never dealt with at Sookmyung because I taught only non-credit courses), and closing up shop: our faculty office will be moving to another building over vacation.


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