Thursday, December 26, 2013

welcome to Stankville

The following twenty-one images are of the pube-infested yeogwan that I stayed in for three nights during my recent trip to Seoul. Hover your cursor over each image to read its caption. Click the image to magnify it.

I sincerely regret not having taken any close-up "macro" shots of all the pubes on the bedding. That truly was a horror show. I also regret not having brought along a lint roller and Lysol.



  1. But do you recommend the place?

    Can you imagine two people trying to get it on in there?

  2. John,

    Given all the pubes, I'd have to say that plenty of people have gotten it on there. And they left little to the imagination.

  3. I have stayed in some pretty nasty places around the world, but that's got to be the nastiest place I have ever seen in Korea.

  4. Lint roller and Lysol, man. Lint roller and Lysol. Next time, I'll be ready. SM says she'll be looking out for a better yeogwan for me next time I'm up in Seoul, and my friend Amanda recommends I try CouchSurfing (she's a true CS believer; introvert that I am, I'm still wary).



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