Thursday, April 17, 2014

just resting

My pedometer has read "0" all day: I've barely gotten out of bed. My hip is in extreme pain (yesterday was another 7,000-step day), but I need to be ready for an important trip to Seoul happening next week, so it's important that I treat myself gingerly. I had originally planned to visit the clinic today for more "therapy," but by the time 5PM rolled around, my mind said "Fuck it" and my two to-do items were reduced to one.* That remaining mission, which I'm about to attempt despite the still-regnant pain, is a trip to the local E-Mart to buy a load of pork, beef, and sausage so I can make spaghetti sauce this evening. I've got the other veggies, but meat is cheaper at E-Mart, so off I go.

*I had also failed to show up for therapy yesterday and the day before. Is there a correlation between lack of therapy and my current pain levels? I seriously doubt it.


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