Wednesday, April 16, 2014

news bites

1. A helpful coworker informed me, yesterday, that US expats have an automatic two-month extension when it comes to filing taxes. This came as a relief, as I had been planning to rush my tax paperwork yesterday, on the 15th, in the hopes of sending out an envelope postmarked on that day. So now I can procrastinate until mid-June.

2. My Absolute Beginners Korean class has been steadily diminishing in numbers, and we're barely three weeks into the course. Everyone's got a reason for leaving, it seems—too many social obligations, not enough time/energy, etc. A shame, really; it doesn't actually take that much time to master the basics of the language. It's more a matter of one's willingness to put in the necessary effort (which, of course, applies equally to me and weight loss!). My Veteran Beginners class, meanwhile, is staying surprisingly strong.

3. I'm looking forward to not teaching this coming Thursday (Easter break), because I think what my hip really needs is rest. I walked another 8,000 steps yesterday, which didn't do my aching ball-and-socket joint any favors. But, hey—I saw the blood moon, right?


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