Monday, April 07, 2014


Well, folks, the pain in my left leg has reached a point where I no longer think aspirin can control it. I'm having to take way too much aspirin, in a single pop, just to bring the pain down to manageable levels. This makes me fear the possibility of having a stroke or some other disastrous occurrence, so instead of continuing down this dark path, I've finally decided to yield to reason and seek professional help. My colleague at the office has given me the number of the physical-therapy clinic that he goes to; I'll be calling the clinic later today to make an appointment for tomorrow. I've got plenty of time between classes—my morning English class ends a bit before 11AM, and my afternoon Korean class starts at 5:30PM. The clinic is local, which means I can either walk there or take a bus or taxi (probably a bus).

Wish me luck.



Charles said...

Hallelujah, dude. I'll be honest, when I read your last post on this and saw the part about seeking medical attention "sometime in the next few weeks," I honestly started wondering whether you liked living in pain.

Anyway, good luck. Time to kick pain to the curb.

John said...

Yeah, but to be honest going to PT prior to having some sort of diagnosis from a qualified physician seems to be out of order somehow. Still, glad you are taking this first step to a cure...

Kevin Kim said...




True enough, but even the therapist has to get a lay of the land before he can start working on me, so I'm very likely to have some X-ray images taken, and get a rough diagnosis, before PT even begins. The place I'm going to, according to its Korean title, is an actual orthopedic clinic, not merely a PT facility. I'm hoping everything gets done in the proper sequence.