Sunday, April 13, 2014

one big, one small

The "invincible" Holden Beck may possess occult powers that allow him to survive even the severest of motorcycle accidents, but his most recent photo makes him look plenty mortal to me. In that photo, we see Holden's two legs—one healthy, one scrawny from multiple surgeries and long immobility. Holden talks about the amazing pain that comes with trying to walk again; as he noted to me privately, much of his physical therapy has to come from him, since the Korean system isn't doing much to help.*

I wish Holden good luck as he enters this new phase of his recovery. Perhaps his barista is right, and he won't be truly ambulatory until, oh, American Thanksgiving.

*My own view of the therapy I've been receiving is that it's fine for surface-muscular problems, but no good for deep-joint and deep-tissue ailments. I get a heat pad, electro-stimulation, and an ointment rub. All of these measures are surface-only. I would love an aggressive deep-tissue massage from a busty, lusty Swedish woman with aggressive, inquisitive hands—a massage whose effects burrowed down, down into my hip.


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