Monday, April 07, 2014


The baby-faced Mickey Rooney, dead at 93. My most recent memory of him comes from an episode of "ER" some years back. It was the episode in which John Carter (Noah Wyle) found himself in charge in the midst of hospital chaos, and Mickey Rooney played a random patient who recognized the smell of benzene permeating one of the hospital floors. Rooney's character's warning to Carter ended up saving dozens of lives.

Otherwise, I have only scattered impressions of Rooney's long career. In his later years, his energy level remained impressive: he was the poster boy for the concepts "spry" and "sprightly." I doubt I'll make it to 93, but before I kick it, I hope to have half this man's vitality. RIP, Mr. Rooney.


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Maven said...

FWIW, I always thought Noah Wylie looked like a dude in drag, dressed up to look like Princess Diana.

Endnote: This reply was NOT facilitated by alcoholic beverages or other mind-bending ingestions.