Thursday, January 21, 2016


Having overstuffed myself at lunch today, I decided that walking home, then tromping up the stairs, would be an insane thing to do, so I'm taking a one-day break.

Exercise to be continued tomorrow. Tonight, I've got only more "Game of Thrones" binge watching on tap.



Bratfink said...

I thought this was sort of appropriate. :)

Surprises Aplenty said...

Big-Ho, I saw this question on Quora and thought of you: Are we built for walking 12 miles a day?

One commenter suggested that walking 20 kilometers or 25,000 steps isn't out of line for some professions today. I am certain I could do this at least a few times, but I have trouble imagining doing this every day for extended periods.

Kevin Kim said...


Good question. I imagine it's something that people have to answer for themselves. There's not just physical endurance to consider, but also psychological and practical elements. For some people, walking 25K steps every day might get rather boring. And practically speaking, walking 25K steps involves a large chunk of one's day; doing this as an everyday activity would therefore be unrealistic for people who want to do other things with their time. But for people who love walking, I don't see why 25K steps per day (almost 4 hours/day) wouldn't be possible.

When I was teaching at the uni and living next to Namsan, 25K steps/day seemed doable, although even I never actually walked that many steps that often. In fact, I never broke 15K steps/day as my daily average from month to month.