Friday, January 22, 2016

done at last

It was supposed to happen last month, but thanks to a misunderstanding between my brother David and me (let's just say that it involved PayPal and poor timing), it didn't. This week, however, I finally managed to pay off my Honda Fit's loans. I now officially own my car. The title will be mailed to my buddy Mike within the next two weeks. From here on in, that's about $220/month less that I'll have to shell out every month.

I've also got two private gigs coming up—one at KMA, one at Seoul National—that'll allow me to earn some extra cash. My budget remains unsinkable.



The Maximum Leader said...


Charles said...

When's the SNU gig?

Kevin Kim said...


April 15—US tax day. Care to meet up?

Charles said...

April 15? That's a Friday... yeah, that should work.