Monday, January 25, 2016

one way to handle leftovers

Some time ago, I had made mashed potatoes with bacon, herbs, and some diced mushrooms. I still had some left in a plastic container that I'd been keeping in the fridge up to now. Today, I finally decided it was high time to eat the taters before they spoiled, so I elected to make croquettes out of them.

It was the standard procedure: fill three small cake pans with flour, beaten egg, and panko, respectively. Form the taters into slider-sized croquette pucks; run each puck through the flour, egg, and panko. Deep-fry until golden brown.

Et voilà:

And here's a shot of one croquette after it had been forked open:

The taters were firm after having been in the fridge so long, but they softened back up during the deep-frying process. This isn't to say they were bad, but I later thought that I should have made smaller, bite-sized morsels to fry instead. Ah, well. Live and learn.



Bratfink said...

When I first lived with Bill he NEVER ate leftovers. Not even his beloved mashed potatoes. Then I found a recipe online. It had me adding eggs, flour, VERY thinly sliced onion to them, then making patties and frying them up.

He loved them to death!

Bratfink said...

P.S. Yours look really delicious.

Oh, did I mention a bit of cheese in the previous recipe?

Kevin Kim said...

Cheese is great. There's a bit of cheese in mine as well.