Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Stairwell Campaign, Day 3: 5 floors, 2:09

I shaved ten seconds off my stairwell climb this evening, going from yesterday's pathetic 2:19 to tonight's only slightly less pathetic 2:09. Still made it only five floors before having to stop, but hey—improvement's improvement, and I'll take what scraps I can get. Maybe by sometime next week, I'll be able to climb up to the sixth floor.

This is a hell of a lot more intense than walking up the gently sloping roads of Namsan, let me tell you. I'm a gasping mess by the end of my climb, but I trust that all this sweaty effort will be worth it in the long run.



Bratfink said...

Hang in there! I can't even do stairs anymore. :(

Charles said...

I just wanted to chime in and say that I am rooting for you. I've been sick as a dog since this weekend, so I haven't been my usual commenting self, but I have been there with you in spirit.

Let me know if you ever need a "personal encouragement coach." I can run the stairs with you and shout at you along the way. If it will help, I can also do a British accent (don't ask me--Americans seem to have a thing for angry Brits shouting at them).