Thursday, January 28, 2016

losing followers

I gain and lose followers on Twitter all the time, mainly because most of my recent followers are little bloodsuckers hoping for the superficial validation of a followback. If I don't respond within a certain amount of time to their having followed me, then they flake off and unfollow, seeking fresh blood elsewhere. Good riddance, I say.

But my list of blog followers is a different story. These followers are people who show a serious sense of commitment. They might not do much; they might be more "barnacle" than commenter, but they stick around. They're loyal folk.

Over the past 48 hours, however, my blog followers have been disappearing. It feels a bit like an Agatha Christie novel: I've gone from 34 followers to 30, which makes me suspicious: even when I lose Twitter followers, the drop is never that steep or that quick. Surmise: there's a problem with Blogger's software. I seriously doubt that the four people (thus far) who have unfollowed this blog all coincidentally had the urge to unfollow at the exact same time. That would be surpassingly strange.

I expect the drop-off will continue; I have no idea for how long.



John from Daejeon said...

I became a twit yesterday, and it automatically imports my social search engine usage preferences unless I manually delete each and every one.

I had to become a twit to tweet to another twit whose email address I desperately need for a lawsuit. I can't believe just how hard it is to reach out and touch certain millennials now that most landlines have gone the way of the dinosaur coupled with the complete lack of a modern day cell/smart phone book.

Anyhow, I will cease my life as a twit as soon as this young punk provides me with her contact information, so you can expect another twit loss in the near future.

Kevin Kim said...

Them's the breaks.

Charles said...

Well, I ain't no follower, but I sure am stickin' around.