Saturday, January 23, 2016

off to the studio

I'm off to do my very first podcast this morning for my company. We were given three topics to discuss, ten minutes per topic, with each ten-minute session to be aired at a rate of one per week. Not sure whether this is going to become a regular thing; I'd been told that today's studio session was optional.

The topics:

1. Trump and Democracy

2. Comfort Women

3. Redefining "Korean" (i.e., what it means to say one is Korean)

I write half-assed, quarter-cogitated, eighth-researched blog posts on a variety of subjects, but longtime readers know there are only a few subjects to which I gravitate, and about which I can write with any authority: religious studies, philosophy of religion, languages/linguistics, and pedagogy... maybe a little about art, based on my intuitions as a so-so artist and occasional actor (hence all the movie reviews). Beyond that, I know that anything I say is on thin ice, so if I eventually link you to our finalized podcast, I should warn you in advance that I probably won't be making many intelligent contributions.

Today's session is supposed to be only for an hour. It's me, my boss, and my coworker. Hope it isn't a complete disaster.