Friday, January 08, 2016

office luncheon

I decided to make pulled-pork sandwiches for my boss and coworker today. The menu:

pulled-pork sandwiches (made from pork tenderloin!)
potato chips
cole slaw, 2 varieties, with homemade dressing
baked beans with hot dogs and bacon

My coworker told me he'd be providing the drinks. Not sure who will be providing dessert... or whether we'll even have room for dessert later.

Expect photos of the feast tonight.



Charles said...

I am particularly curious about the tenderloin pulled pork.

Kevin Kim said...

It came out super well. I was surprised. Best thing about it was that, even after I had shredded the meat and left it steaming for several minutes, it didn't dry out at all.

Charles said...

And the flavor was there? That would be my biggest worry. But I guess you'll be posting more details later, so I will wait.

The Maximum Leader said...

I'm with Charles. I can't imagine using a tenderloin for pulled pork. I, too, am curious to know how it turned out.