Wednesday, March 09, 2016

a birthday message

Ligament's birthday was on March 8. Here's what I texted her, at her request:

I had sent a similar text to my buddy Jang-woong's wife Bo-hyun. This elicited a "tee-hee!" reaction from the Missus, and when I showed my message to Ligament, she told me I needed to do the same thing for her. So here is Ligament's birthday message.



Charles said...

I know what the blurred characters are, but I just can't help seeing "이년" there.

Lig doesn't read this, does she? Wouldn't want to get you in trouble...

Also, why just 생일 in 한자 and not 축하?

Kevin Kim said...

Picky, always so goddamn picky. Like a Korean. You do "ABC" for a Korean, and he complains, "Well, why didn't you do ABCD?"

The simple answer is that I don't know the "chuk-ha" characters off the top of my head.

Charles said...

Fair enough.

Kevin Kim said...

But I'll get to practicing them. Today, I have nothing to do at work: I've just finished a massive book project, and my boss has taken my ms to the designer to go over final tweaks. Boss told me I could do whatever I wanted in the office today, so why not practice some hanja?