Friday, March 11, 2016

countdown to the death of Kevin's Pie

The dotty lady who runs the new pie shop, Kevin's Pie, is either absent from her station or utterly inattentive to passersby. I've now eaten one of her shop's cheesecakes, and it was way below par, as was the hot chocolate I'd consumed the day before. I don't see this place lasting very long—not with its expensive prices for low-quality product.

I'm officially giving Kevin's Pie six months before it bites the dust, and to put my money where my mouth is, I'm using this countdown timer to keep me honest: Kevin's Pie will be no more by 8:30PM (close of business in my office building) on September 6, 2016. So let it be written!



Charles said...

Wow, you're really taking this to heart, aren't you? Although I suppose I would be pissed if someone opened up a shop called Charles's Pie and served crap, especially since I think I make a decent pie.

And why is a pie shop selling cheesecake? Where does the madness end?

Kevin Kim said...


Maven said...

I like how you operate, Kevin! I'd do something similar!

Sometimes some American foods just don't translate well outside of the US. And this makes me sad. What's being exported is a fairly poor facsimile of what we enjoy here stateside.